Sam Venkatesh

Grad School (Public Health)

I'm doing a Master's in Health Information Management through the School of Public Health at Michigan. It is a two year program and I am planning on applying to medical school after.

Jess Baker

Michigan Medical School

I will be staying in Ann Arbor to attend the University of Michigan Medical School :)

Katie Taylor

Clinical Research Coordinator

I am working as a Clinical Research Coordinator in the Pediatric Hematology/Oncology Department at Stanford during my gap year, while applying to medical school!

Parker Cole

Pre-Medical Internship

During my gap year I will be working at the Dolhun Clinic in San Francisco, a family medicine private practice in the city. I will also be applying to medical schools.

Grace Tremonti

Gap year (WEMT or clinical research)

Super passionate about the intersection of business, government, social justice, and healthcare! Looking to make my experience as interdisciplinary as possible so feel free to reach out whenever :)

Riley Thompson

Clinical Research, ER Dept., Lennox Hill Hospital

My hometown is Mercer Island (Seattle), WA. I graduated in Winter 2021, majored in Gender and Health on a pre-med track. During undergrad, outside of Phi Chi, I participated in Chi Omega Fraternity, Outrage Dance, Wolverine Support Network, Gift of Life Campus Ambassadors Program, and Triota Honors Society. I am heading off to pursue a full-time Clinical Research position in the Emergency Department of Lennox Hill Hospital in New York City while I study for the MCAT and take two years before applying to med school. I'm an avid reader, enjoy running, listen to all kinds of music, and have a passion for reproductive justice!

Eric Durudogan

Applying in the 2021-2022 med-school cycle

I will be working in Rhode Island in a physical therapy office and doing orthopedic research at a hospital.

Timmy Li

Graduating in April of 2021, then entering my gap year.

I will be applying to med school starting in June of 2021. During my gap year, I will continue with my job as a Caregiver at Memory Lane Assisted Living (in Ypsilanti, MI). I will also probably finish the current research project that I've been working on during my senior year in the MCDB department. After finishing this, I may look for research in a different area... Lastly, I may search for a new job more clinically related (ie: Medical Scribe).

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