Halftone Image of Crowd


phi chi plays assassin

Marble Surface



buy a ticket to start:



- grab a white plastic spoon and keep it on you at all times; you will be assigned a target

- to kill your target, touch your spoon to their body (has to touch their body/clothes; cannot kill by touching backpack / other belongings).

- you can only kill them if they are not holding a spoon in visible view (must be holding in their hand and must be seen from the outside; can't be in a backpack or hidden in a pocket).

- cannot kill over zoom/other virtual platforms.

- must send a picture of the both assassin and target to the groupme to have kill counted



(where you cannot be killed even if you don't have a spoon)

- if you are in a classroom in a school building during class time, you are considered SAFE (however, if you are just roaming around a building like mason and not in a classroom, you are not safe)

- if you are taking an exam, you are considered SAFE

- some events will grant you IMMUNITY for a day, and thus you will be considered SAFE until MIDNIGHT that day


- after each kill, you will be assigned a new target

- after you have been killed, you are automatically eliminated from the game 

- every friday we will have a special event

- you are required to have a certain amount of points by the end of every week to continue on to the next week, otherwise you are eliminated from the game

- points are accumulated by winning events and number of kills

- prizes will be given to the winner

there will only be one person left standing.


If you are not interested in playing assassin, but want to help out behind the scenes in making events and tracking kills, please text juhi: (408) 802-2889.

If you have any questions about any rules, please let me know!